Hold the phone!

I’m very sorry about the lack of update. Today Opimekiya should’ve had a post in English. It so happens I planned to translate the previous post done on Monday for English speakers. The problem is, since I’m getting acquainted with the basic coding at wp, I can’t really figure out  if I can or can’t attach the same image, previously attached to post to *another* post -that is: attaching the same image to two differente posts-. I wouldn’t want to mess up previous posts.

I hope I can do this, otherwise I think I’ll have to rethink my whole update schedule and update one in english and one in spanish -that is, alternate-, because I really can’t post two updates :/  I just can’t.

My apologies for all those who were already expecting Friday’s update. I’ll try to fix this ASAP!


it seems that no. if you want to attach the same drawing to another post, I’d have to re-upload it again (btw: WTF!) I’m not sure I want to do that, UNLESS the images are going to the main gallery. Otherwise it’s just a waste of space, as WP uploads three versions of the same image. This definitely sucks. Especially considering wordpress platform has been so far, super helpful and the embodiment of  *everything* I needed in organizing a web site. I’m kind of hoping the update does have that gallery tool.

My friend Klelia suggested to post just one version of the post translated into two languages, which pretty much solves the issue, somehow. I’ll try to think on something over the weekend! Any input will be helpful!

2 thoughts on “Hold the phone!

  1. Or you can do it like the old style… first type spanish, then english in the same post or something like that. Technology still messes with our minds

    1. yes, I could do that as well. and since I can hide some of the text, I guess it shouldn’t be a problem…. I’ll sleep on it tonight! thanks! :D

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