My Lo, my Lolita

I know, right? like a hundred years later, but at last I sat down to read Nabokov’s, Lolita. I’ve recently unearthed most of my college books -as you know, I moved out of my old house a few months ago- and I found a list of compulsory novels, and some of them we didn’t even got the chance to read them during the semester.

I had read excerpts and also watched the Jeremy Iron’s  movie and stuff, but never felt the curiosity of reading the actual novel.  Last week I was browsing a book store near my place and I found this shiny new 50th anniversary edition of the book and decided to buy it to read for myself what the book was about and: Oh- My- God.

I have to be honest. This isn’t a book I would have read.  It had been enough for me when I watched the movie. I didn’t see the point on reading something that could be resumed in: Old fart, likes little gir. Bad things happen from there. I haven’t finished the novel -I’m *almost* there, but I have to give it to the man. The narrative is ASTOUNDING. It’s a well written book, with no doubt about it. And the ‘voice’ of the horrible, horrible main character is witty enough and appealing enough that invites you to read his account. Despite its horribleness and the monstrosity of his acts. I don’t want to go further on and on about the book -for the sake of those who haven’t read the novel yet- but it is a marvelous book.  And the image of Lolita -the concept- kept roaming my mind through out the whole week. Finally yesterday I did a bit of sketching and finally sat down to draw her. I was aiming for something akin to the Dolores Haze that’s presented in the book, but midway I changed my mind and ended up just paining something loosely based. The image of a Lolita, perhaps?

I had a lot of fun painting this. It’s funny, you see. I entered digital coloring and stick there for a

Acrlylic on cardboard. 18 x 26 cms

while since it’s easier than traditional (control-z and layers change the whole painting perspective), and less messier. One thing that attracted me wat the Layer thing, but somehow I kept getting afraid of  messing up the drawing while painting it -you should know, there is this moment where the drawing is utterly and hopelessly lost and you have to redraw it completely-. As time went by and I started to draw entirely with the computer, I was less afraid of piling up colors, of loosing my drawing half way into the illustration. It was a pleasant surprise to return to traditional -to acrylics- and find out, Photoshop had helped me to be more free in my approach.  It’s been ages since I painted using this technique. I don’t quite like it, since it dries so fast and nothing compares to me to water color. However, I felt really free painting this. I wanted her shape to be a litte bit not quite anatomical, more S -shaped like a snake *hint* *hint*. I used cardboard for this and I had to use a lot of yellow since the cardboard had something drawn on top. As usual, since I do not have a medium, the paint clogged a bit, but nothing that practice can’t solve in time. I’ll be painting a lot on acrylic from now on, even though when it’s messy -I hate getting dirty-. And I need new brushes for this purpose. Luckily my husband had brushes that he uses for his models.

2 thoughts on “My Lo, my Lolita

  1. I didn’t comment before because I have issues with Lolita. HUGE issues, because as horrible as the situation narrated is, one can’t deny Navokov is a genius. And so many people think that he is a pedophile just because he wrote Lolita without realizing that, hello! he’s condemning the situation.
    And oh, wow. This one was amazing. I love the colors and her expression, but mostly, HER hair. That’s amazing.

    1. I had the same issues. The book was amazing, well written and everything! :D And as usual, thanks for you kind comments :)

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