Wind me up!

Not so long ago, a friend at twitter (Divhino) twitted something on the lines of: The toy robot asked its grandmother to wind him up, so he could go to school.The line was so cute that I had to draw something based on it! I wanted to do something more complex and stuff. You know me. But this week again, was evil and even when I did sat down to draw a lot -work related, personal stuff, and the new comic etc- I never found the time to actually sit to paint properly. Hours before I wrote this post, I decided I would sat down to draw the little toy robot. I fetched out my watercolor box and did the following image.

Wind me up Grandma! I wanna go to School! Windsor and Newton Water Color (17 x 10 cms)

Although I have multiple issues with the final result, it warms my heart that this would become the very first drawing of Adalisa’s unborn niece (my bussiness partner and friend). Even though I still have issues with the drawing.

btw, I now have an Instagram account. Obviously you can only follow me through the smarphones, but I kinda like the app, so I’ll be updating constantly there. Especially because I do draw a lot of sketches on a daily basis. Oh and in the end I will alternate weeks for posting. I tried desperately to update on Fridays, but it turns out it is my busiest day and it’s hard to sit down to actually translate the post. I figure this way, english speakers get to read the entries as well as spanish speakers. And if you don’t understand the entry, there’s always (hopefully) pretty images to look at attached within ;)

coming soon.....

2 thoughts on “Wind me up!

  1. I already told you how much I loved this image, I hear the song in my head. But I’ve got a question… What is Instagram?

    1. :) Gracias Amiga! sorry que hasta ahorita esté contestando, pero entre que son peras o son manzanas. Y bueno, lo de instagram ya estuvo :) ya te dije por fon!. Aún no me has dicho de que color el marco para tu Sobrinilla!

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