STS Omega Drawings -or how I couldn’t resist-

Look, I don’t want to dwell in the already old debate centered around STS Omega. I just want to say that even when it is… bad (when and if compared to the other spin offs), it makes me laugh. So I have to admitt, that I kind of look forward to watch it every Saturday, just to see what they did *this time* to my favorite series.

So far, between the gems and Athena’s carriage, the series hasn’t dissappoint me. It’s like watching an Ed Wood film (I think the name is Deep Space Nine or something like that. Trust me, is *really* bad), where the actors are on a cemetary and the tomb stone behind them falls #FAIL and everything looks made out of card board and stuff, but you keep on watching because you can’t stop laughing. Well, so far that has been my experience with this anime. I do hope the series is going somewhere. I find it hard to believe that they put so much money in to making this animation that would go to WASTE .

Anyway, while I was watching the cartoon, one of the thing that bothered me the most, were the designs. I know, simpler designs are meant for easier animation. A character’s turn around can and will be a pain in the ass if you add lots of stuff to the costume. Smooth edges and flat drawings make things easier for everyone (now that I think of it, I do not know how they manage to animate STS in the 80’s. O.k, it is limited animation, but still. The saints had *everything* on them and because of it, I just *can’t* stop thinking about the painting staff. Poor guys really) . Anyway,  simpler designs make things easier, from the animator to the colorist. And while I understand this,  there this quality to the Omega designs that I do not like :P.


Then you have the Wolf Saint, that had  fur around the neck.  And I can understand that an armor could have a piece of leather or something. I kinda like that, but when it’s well applied to the design. But his looked as if, it was  left over of a sketch. When I saw that in the anime, I laughed out loudddddd .

For some reason I like him. Even though I dislike his father... like a lot.

So while I was bitching about the designs, I started to draw the wolf saint and quickly jumped to Yuuna. Then I couldn’t stop and I continued with other characters…With Souma (who’s hair I HATE, and then with Ryouhu… o whatever his name is (he has SUCH a weird name. I really can’t memorize it).And then Kouga. The irony of this post is that I didn’t finish drawing the Wolf Saint. I will though. But work again, caught me in the middle and all my plans went to waste. But I still was able to draw something. I do want to draw the whole cast -yesss, sorryyyy, I couldn’t resist :/-

ahhh I wish I could be involved in a STS project. I so love this series.

Anyway, I have to go back to work. I’m as usual DROWNING in work and I want to get it over with. There’s so many things I want to write and draw and generally do, with my none existent free time.

5 thoughts on “STS Omega Drawings -or how I couldn’t resist-

  1. Ahhh!!! Me gustan tus fanarts!!! Te quedaron
    Muy bellos!! Me latió el toque oriental en la mirada
    De ryuho y la carita vivaracha de souma (tal
    Vez es por ser leoncito, pero me cae bien,Yuna
    Te quedo muy bella, con ese look me caería mejor
    Que en el anime,preciosos fanarts :3, yo solo
    Pienso en jotearlos cuando quiero hacerles
    Fanart ;3; , procurare hacer de vez en cuando
    Un fan art no tan gays XP

    1. Si, Souma me cae bien y el águila fue una decepción para mi. Marine me latía bastante y no que esté diciendo que hagan a la misma Marine. Vaya, estoy en pro que hagan nuevas cosas, pero Yuuna le falta algo. Y aún así,la verdad shippeo a Yuuna con Ryuho :/ jajaja.

      y again, muchas gracias por tus cumplidos amiga!

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