I edited the file and changed a few things from the original drawing :)
In the end I decided to leave it as it is now.

* ETA: I was aiming more for a feeling rather than accurate perspective or anatomy. I was going for empowerment!

This is certainly unfinished. But suffice is to say, I did this exercise with my therapist, to imagine myself within myself (this is an old drawing, like a year and a half old and this was donde right in the middle of my mind block). This was drawn fairly quickly (hence the mistakes) and I was surprised with this image that wouldn’t let me go. I want to go back, redraw certain parts and stuff.  I kind of like the concept of a warrior within one’s self :). I wish I could have done something new for the week, but I got a bit sick and work was again, all kinds of bitchy!!!! :/ But this is better than having nothing, right? And it kind of surprised me that in my worst days I could have come up with something like that. In the end, I’m a bit of a drama queen…really.