Holbein I’m your bitch

I still need to work on certain details, but the dress which was my main aim, is finished!

Last Friday I turned 34. I usually buy something pretty to pamper myself (and I don’t know why, since getting out of a birth-canal is not something I find particulary important). However this time what I did was, taking some time off comics and work and decided to grant myself a couple of hours to draw whatever I wanted :D

One thing that I enjoy is watching documentaries. I never grew up alongside tv, so whenever I watch it I have to say I end up feeling super guilty, so to compensate that I always watch something useful. Something I can learn from. My favorite subject has been by far English history documentaries. Latin Amercian history is UTTERLY boring, but the English history with its kings and queens is just what I need to get my imagination up and going. ┬áBefore I sat down to draw I was watching Henry VIII documentaries. The last one I watched was centered around his contributions to the kingdom and wether this contributions were in fact, selfless deeds or a desperate attempts to cover up all his crimes. History aside I have to say, I have this hard on for this period. I’m obsessed with the 100 year war (war of the roses) and had wanted for quite a while to do something around this topic.

When I sat down, this came up. I named the file Anneboleyn.psd, but for some reason I called her Jane Seymour (the first was beheaded and was the main encouragment to turn England to protestantism. The second one was his later wife and she bore him a son. She died at child birth). But she is neither Anne Boleyn, nor Jane Seymour. She is this other girl who Holbein, the court’s painter painted when Henry wanted to wed again!. She never made it to England, but her dress was astounding to me.

Whenever I stare into an oil painting I’m always left to wonder how the painter did this or that. So I might not have oils -or stand the awful smell- but I do have photoshop and in my free given hours I decided to give it sort of test run and found out how can anyone reproduce a dress so intricate like this one.

Here are some closeups


original painting


Most probably, I’ll return to this drawing later and work on the face. it’s rather simple (I was just going for detail in the dress. I love to draw complicated pieces with heavy detail. But the illustrations take a lot of time and with the little free time I had I wanted to focus at least on ONE thing, rather than the whole deal. I wanted at least to feel that I was finishing something, since with the comic I haven’t had the time to finish anything besides it. Anyway, for those who are curious, here are some steps. I wanted to take screen captures, but I got so into the drawing that I forgot.

Photoshop and heavy reference

Now, to sleep.