Sea Creatures and Knitting

A quick drawing I could do inbetween comic pages

I can’t say that all artists like to do other creative things on their spare time. Me? I’m quite fond of arts and crafts. My mother had two degrees and one of them was teaching (kindergarden). When she went to college -the second time- I was very young so I remember her doing all sorts of arts and crafts as homework. I thought back then that her homework was fascinating (mine was just plain grammar and math), but when I thought she was playing, she was actually learing useful exercises to develop children’s basic abilities.

In any case, most afternoons there were plenty of fun things to do. I guess I grew up in a very creative enviroment, because all the time we were doing some sort of arts and crafts. One of them was knitting. I learned the skill when I was very young and I was quite good at it, but later on just drop it in favor of other things. I didn’t knit for quite a while and I remember Adalisa, asking me about it (she’s so good at sewing, something I cannot do), but I wasn’t able to remember how to knit. At least not the basics of it -although I was very sure if someone knew, I could dust off my memory and pick it up again. After a trip to New York, Adalisa learned how to knit and I picked it up again in no time as well.

Drawing has always been a passion of mine, but in the recent years, it became a bit of a burden. Don’t get me wrong, I could never get tired of drawing, but it is true when you draw for a living, sometimes the pressure is… kind of burdensome (is that even a word?). More often than not I ended up looking for an activity that was unrelated to what became my livelyhood.

Enter Knitting.

In the last years I’ve been knitting like crazy: scarfs, gloves, shawls, blankets, etc. Little by little regaining the control of the skill. I don’t think I knit to get fancy garments out of it, but rather to relax. Sometimes I knit whatever is at hand to get my mind off of work and off of life. Recently I discovered Amigurumi -knitted figurines or toys- and I bought a book and went fiercely at it. I’m right now knitting an octopus -in between comic pages, of course. I’m hoping to have some pages to show in the next update-.

It still looks odd. But it’s slowly taking shape as I go. I might change the color of the eyes. I’m missing the cheeks and 5 arms.

I wanted the yarn to be the same color as the one in the book, but I wanted to get rid of the left over yarn I had. But it’s coming out alright. This is done with Crochet, which I don’t like very much. I was trying to avoid it by all means, but in the end I couldn’t resist, because the octopus was sooo cute. I mean, I had to try it for myself. right?  Since I’m working in the comic, I couldn’t do anything in specific for the blog, but I did manage to paint an octopus :)  I’m dying to see how it looks like all sewn up! And the best part of all this is that I learned how to do my own amigurumis, so I’m looking forward to do two of my OCs.

Of course I’ll be working on the comic, which is my main priority (that and all the stuff pendant from work). Still I didn’t want to leave the blog without an update!

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    1. Es de lo más sencillo Ada! y tu que tienes tanto yarn, te va que ni quedar pintado. Y lo mejor es que los puedes hacer de una sentada. Geniales para matar el tiempo. Yo ayer lo empece, y ya estoy a punto de terminarlo -claro, no me lo pude echar de jalón-.

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