Comic Done!

all the drawing for the comic and the print tests!

Well, I’m just missing a couple of things for the comic release, and I know it’s not monday -when I usually update- buuut, I wanted to stop by and post two sketches. A couple of weeks ago, while working on the comic, my friend Adalisa and I were talking about 80’s cartoon -I am a proud 80’s child- and end up talking about Jem.

It’s truly outrageous!!! :D

Jem was one of those cartoon that really got me going, because as the slogan went “It is truly, truly, *truly* outrageous!!!” Although Adalisa, and I have discussed at length that the slogan “truly outrageous” is not a word you would actually use to declare your awesomeness to the world.

Anyway… in between drawing I always draw and I couldn’t help myself to draw a Jem. I was hoping to draw something more complicated -at least to have an sketch of it-, but you know, I couldn’t on account of the comic. I sorta want to do a full illustration of the hollograms as well. I know that I am starting to sound like an old crone, but honestly, cartoons in the 80’s were very, very different from what we see now. I know that’s saying something, because I am working in nowadays cartoons, but I guess back then cartoon standars were more free and colorful. I miss that!

Litte Jem. A color sketch I did with Col-erase

O.k, then gotta run. I still have a bunch of stuff to tackle for the release of the comic, buuuuut I see lazy days ahead of me :D yay! I know that I will occupy my hands as soon as they are free from the comic -I just can’t stop- but at least I won’t have to be doing the comic, which is something to look forward to. yay! (that reminds me, I gotta update my main gallery, because the stuff posted there is a bit old ^^)

Recuerden que estaré el 17 y el 18 de Noviembre presentando el segundo volumen del Violín Negro en el Festo Comic. Para mayores informes pueden darle click a la imágen en la barra lateral y ahí pueden bajar un mapa de como llegar y eso. Los esperamos!!! :D

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