Last thoughts-illustration on 2012

TreeWell, this was my very last drawing on 2012. I did it in a rush right after getting off a plane and had exactly less than two weeks to comply since three months earlier I had signed in to a Secret Santa fan art exchange and could not -and would not- fail the deadline. I seriously had no clue what to draw and although the prompt was promising and gave way to countless possible outcomes and my fingers were dragging me to the blank canvas, I was really , *seriously* swamped in work.

So in the end, despite having three months for working on my assignment I ended up doing it last minute :/

I wanted to write this down, because I learned a very valuable lesson while doing this pice.

We, as artists, always tend to sought for the *right* moment to write or draw. Be it planning or actually working in the project. We are always seeking for the ideal moment. That moment when all the stars align and the sun shifts in just the right angle in which the angels  in heaven look back to us and tell us “yes, it is time for you to get going”. That moment of certainty when you know everything will fall into place and your ‘hidden’ talent will resurface and you won’t make an ass of yourself.

Well, I discovered after much hurry to meet the deadline that I was vey much wrong.  Not only did the ‘epiphany angels’ are a blatant lie, but also the one an only thing that will get you through an illustration is plain *hard* work.  5 minutes before sitting down I had no clue what to draw. 3 hours later -and very panic-stricken- I had a vague idea and all the layout drawn. Almost two weeks later the illustration was finished in a way I was truly satisfied with, because this time albeit the little time I had left to work with, I didn’t compromise anything. The poses, the vegetation, everything came out the way I wanted, because I sat down, chained myself to the desk and figure things out.

As simple as that.

Also, after much thought I reinforced that *classical* vibe that has always eluded me but that is deeply rooted within (illustration wise). After finishing this piece there is no doubt that I love detail in an illustration and this is something that takes you time to achieve. I want to strive to produce better illustrations, and better drawings, even if this means to post few finished pieces all year long.

It’s funny how you discover things about yourself … and where you discover them is even funnier.  By looking at the results I could say : It is within me, I just need to work harder. And after almost two years of being off the table -drawing wise- I can say *finally* that I’m totally back.  On the most part, besides all the drawing-musings,  I recovered something that I felt lost: my love for drawing.

I’m happy that I got better, mentally and physically and that all those urges that I always had had, to take up a pice of paper and a pencil and write jokes and draw them are still here. Drawing the comic gave me that extra strenght and focus that I needed (I am preparing a long post with new images etc! :D This issue was particularly good in quality), but certainly, this illustration fixed all these concepts in me.

I believe 2013 will be a wonderful year drawing-wise!!

Before I go, here is a small, step by step of this illustration ^^

Hope it helps ^^


I used as refference. All the color dots were done by me :) I had this image opened while working on the drawing.
original clothing

And finally (because I’m such an idiot and I forgot). Here is part of the reference I used for this piece: Two gorgeous 18th/19th century clothes fetched out from the Kyoto’s Institute of Fashion History Costume Catalogue. I, of course looked for inspiration in victorian paintings as well. I am particularly fond of the man’s riding outfit. That type of clothing could make the less attractive man look… well, attractive. Most people at DA asked me about the clothing, well, I did not invented the outfits. They are very much real. Although it’s not clear to me whether this outfits are originals or just copies from books. Either or, you can’t deny they are ab-so-lu-te-ly gorgeous. I ended up modifying the girl’s dress a bit, but the riding outfit is an exact match -I loved the buttons up his calf. That sold me the outfit completely-.

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  1. Sooo… the horrible feeling that you’ve got to do that, and it has to be ready, and, omfg the deadline is close is actually the “epiphany angel”? ;)

    Seriously though, I’m so glad that you found your love for illustrating back :)

    1. Well, I won’t do this again. be sure of it. I did it because I wasn’t able to work on it before….

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