• What does Opimekiya mean?

Truth to be told, it is a word that I invented. It could very well be a brand of soup (please notice that I have a hard on for soup), or a word in a foreign language.

  • Where did you study art? 

I studied English Literature and then I was offered a job in animation and I instantly accepted the challenge and took the job :) Everything else I’ve learnt from practice and some other things thanks to the wonderful advice of some of my friends and workmates. As with everything else, practice makes perfect!

  • What are your tools of trade?

I use col erase pencils and 2mm mechanical pencils. I generally sketch everything on my sketchbook and then retrace it with the light table (or just draw it directly with the wacom). I also use Corel Painter and Photoshop CS3 (yeah, I know, I need to update) and a wacom tablet intous 4. I’m hoping to get a Cintiq soon! yay! :D

For traditional art I use Windsor and Newton watercolors as well as Ph Martin’s and Bombay white and black ink. Also I like Prismacolor professional and ball point pens. As for papers I use Arches 300gm, bristol and Strathmore notebooks for sketching (and for this I like to use Derrewent HB pencils. The tip is pretty soft and you don’t have to sharpen them every second).

  • Do you take personal comissions? How can I know if you are open for comissions?

It all depends. I spent most of my time working for different clients and animations studios and I have to say, it really kills me to spend the little free time I have drawing for someone else. HOWEVER, you can drop me a line and ask me (opimekiya (at) gmail (dot) com). I’ll gladly take the comission if I have the time. I know how…uptight sounds of me. To accept personal comissions only if I’m interested, but the truth is that pleasing people with personal comissions is already difficult in itself and if I add to it the unsurmountable amount of work that I usually have, I would not like to fail you terribly when deadlines are concerned. But you know, if you really want a drawing of mine, contact me.

If I open comissions I will put a banner on the side bar or add it to the menu of the website, and I will also add the price list.

For companies, please send me a mail at (opimekiya (at) gmail (dot) com)

  • Where can I get your comics? 

Most of them are only in spanish, but if you still want to buy them we’ll have mail shipping soon. I’ll let you know through this space.

  •  Can I use your art for icons, banners etc.? 

for Art Usage please click here.

  • Where do you host your site?

It’s hosted at Dreamhost. It’s really a great, great service!