Art Usage


All art shown in this page is property of Aurea D. Freniere unless otherwise is noted. Partial or complete reproduction of any of the works shown in Opimekiya! (texts included) is prohibited, unless you were granted in advance an author’s written permision (that is, me).

Things to consider:

  • Ilustracions and Comics

a)This site is link free, but please bear in mind that all content remains my property and plagiarism is not allowed. You cannot post my drawing on ANY social media sites, UNLESS  you have done it  through the share buttons that are on every post on my blog, as they show the original link and keep my name visible.

b) Doing further editing to images is forbidden.

C) If you still want to crop images to fit them as icons, you are allowed to do so, but please place a link back to Opimekiya!

  • Backgrounds and  Color Scripts

A)All backgrounds shown in this site (and in general all the content shown under the animation tab) were done  for several animation studios and I do not hold the publishing rights anymore. These are shown as part of my online portfolio with the permission of the companies that comissioned them. Unless some of these backgrounds were shared at the blog and thus avaliable for sharing externally -through the Twitter, and Facebook buttons-, I don’t recommend  you to share them (of course you could always share the link to the animation page).

If all, or parts of the animation page are posted out of Opimekiya! I  (Aurea Freniere) will not be held responsible for its use, as the Backgrounds and Colors Scripts are only displayed here as part of a art portfolio and are not meant for profit in any way and thus I’m not allowing its further use in any form.

Any person who re posts the backgrounds or/and uses them to make a profit or claim them as their own should abide to the law, and will have to answer by his/herself should a legal demand arise due this.

  • Banwidth Theft

“Direct hyper linking of an image file is known as bandwidth theft.  (Example: displaying a photograph on your web page by calling the image directly off the server.).  Please do not do it, because the server charges me for it.  If you would like to display your image and it is stored here, please link to the HTML page it is displayed on using the target=”_blank”  code, which will open the legitimate page in a new window”*  (although I’m not very sure you can do it with wp, that’s one of the reasons I switched to this platform, not only to protect my images, but also to stop BT).

In any case, like I already said it, you have the share buttons, and that way you can share the content that you like in my site without much fuss.

Aurea Freniere


 *Explanation fetched out from this site